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After creating a few profile videos, I decided to put together two package options for those interested.

The Profile Video is a mini documentary on your company or you! Think of it like a movie trailer. Check out these examples.
Why is having a video valuable?
Video can be a powerful tool to tell the world a message. It tells a story without words, video tells a story with moving images & sound. Pretty simple.

Things to keep in mind.
Please take a moment and check out my work & style. That’s me:). I do like to get to know you so that every video shows who YOU are and tells your story.

What to expect.
Package 1 – I’ll meet with you for a consultation, or a brainstorming session. Once we have a clear vision on what message/goals you have, I’ll follow up with a shot list. We’ll shoot for a day, and then I’ll edit & you can see the first cut! You get two sets revisions, anything after that is additional. The process usually takes less than a week. The goal is to efficiently create a short entertaining video so you can show everyone who you are. If you are looking for something different, that’s ok, feel free to e-mail me.

Package 2 – I meet you on location and for half a day we film. I’ll interview 1-3 people (from owner, employees, to customers). Then I film b-roll of your business. You get 2 sets of revisions during the edit process. It’s very unobtrusive and easy.

What (not) to wear.
Black, white, and logos (unless it’s your business) are not recommended.

Profile Packages

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