The Founders {2010}

The Founders is a series created for TechStars in Boulder, Colorado, following young startup companies on an adventurous summer in a mentorship-driven seed stage investment program. I produce, direct, shoot & edit the series.  You can watch The Founders 2009 here and all 2010 episodes below.

More on TechStars The Founders 2010 here.
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The Founders Trailer One

The Founders Trailer Two

Episode 1 | The Question is Why

Pete & J | Jeff Brinkman | Hello Kavita | Ben Suchy | The Autumn Film

Episode 2 | The Innovation Lab

Hello Kavita | Ben Suchy | The Autumn Film

Episode 3 | Be Fearless. Today.

Harper Blynne | Jeff Brinkman | Calvin Locklear

Episode 4 | Let’s Be Honest

Ben Suchy | Soul Patch | Hello Kavita | The Autumn Film

Episode 5 | Risk Takers

The Sexies | The Poppies | Blue Canyon Boys | Candypants

Episode 6 | We’re Not Alone

What About Pluto | Hello Kavita | The Autumn Film

Episode 7 |The Element of Surprise

Episode 8 |The Team

Episode 9 | Conditions of Extreme Uncertainty

Episode 10 | People Product Market

Episode 11 | Hard at Play

Episode 12 | Demo Day

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