Beaver Creek Horses

Après Adventures: Horseback riding in Beaver Creek

Here’s another fun episode of’s Après Adventures with Ryan Ross. We traveled to the gorgeous Beaver Creek to film Ryan riding Pig, the local horse, on what is normally the ski mountain.  This was Ryan’s opportunity to become a Rocky Mountain cowboy and I was lucky enough to document it all, including Ryan cleaning up horse poop.

We’re extremely happy to continue making these episodes following Ryan on his adventures into the mountains of Vail Resorts to uncover more untraditional activities.  We have another shoot next week so stay tuned to find out what we’re doing.  You can follow updates with me here and Ryan here.  You can also watch all of the Après Adventures episodes.

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Episode 7 of’s Après Adventures takes us on an adventurous treasure hunt, geocaching in Vail, Colorado.  We follow Ryan Ross through town and into the mountains in search for the geocache hidden treasure box.  If you’re unfamiliar with the activity, geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game.  Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online.  Ryan and I really had a great time on this shoot.  When your job takes you to such beautiful scenery and keeps you outside all day in the summer, it doesn’t get much better.  I’m also pretty proud I was shooting at 8 months pregnant, I had my baby one week later.  I hope you enjoy this episode and perhaps get inspired to try geocaching, particularly in Vail!

There are more episodes to come so stay tuned.  You can check out previous episodes here.

Après Adventures : Geocaching

Featured Music includes Ben Suchy & Harper Blynn

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Crested Butte Videos

Like every couple expecting a baby should do and deserves one last mini adventure before their lives change forever.. take a trip.  Brian and I chose Crested Butte and stayed in some adorable cabins outside town.

I experimented a bit using an app on my iPhone, Super 8 inspired by the movie, to make a short montage of our trip as you will see in [video 01].  The quality isn’t great but perhaps you’ll be able to get an update of the app soon.  We also shot with my nice camera, a Panasonic HPX, and created another short video for fun [video 02].  Compare the two and let me know what you think.  For these family videos, I prefer to shoot in higher quality and if we want to add an 8mm effect after go for it.  I’ve also used the Bad Film effect in Final Cut and adjusted the settings.  The nice thing about shooting HD footage with something like your iPhone is you really can bring a small recording device anywhere and have your random adventures documented.  Sometimes that’s the most important thing.

Crested Butte Adventure [video 01]

Crested Butte Adventure [video 02]

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Keystone’s Slush Cup

Time for another episode of’s Après Adventures. This time I filmed Ryan Ross skiing as fast as he could down a hill and over a freezing pond while wearing a hula skirt. This was all for Keystone’s end of the season celebration, Slush Cup.  Next year you might want to sign up!  Check it out to see if Ryan makes it across the pond.
(Photo above right: The Dream Team, pregnant camerawoman & host in hula skirt)

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Recently I posted a trailer I made on building bamboo fly rods.  The full version of the video is still on it’s way but for now here is the fly fishing video, Floaters, I made on our float trip down the Colorado River back in September, thanks to the renowned Shawn Bratt.  We were lucky to be able to fly fish with Shawn again and (left to right) Jenny, Kalli, Clint, me, & Brian.  Shawn is an incredibly smart & passionate flyfisherman, you can read more and even purchase a handmade bamboo rod here on Green Drake Bamboo.  Clint founded Freestone Aquatics which specializes in aquatic habitat restoration, enhancement, and creation.  Floaters, the video below, is simply a beautiful bright day out fly fishing the Colorado River by Gore Canyon.

Curious to see more?  Here is a video I made a few years ago for The Network DC with Shawn Bratt fishing Cheesman Canyon.


Music Featured
Ben Suchy | Hello Kavita | Harper Blynn

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Breckenridge Breweries

Here’s a new episode of Après Adventures for where Ryan Ross takes us on a tour of three local favorite breweries.  We start in Breckenridge head to Dillon and end in Frisco.  Every month we’ll come out with a new untraditional adventure in the mountains which will be posted on and I’ll post it here.  If you have any favorite unique activities to do in the Rockies let us know and we might feature it!

Featured music in this episode: Ben Suchy, Calvin Locklear, The Sexies & In the Whale.

Après Adventures: Brewery Tour

Episode One | High Altitude Baking

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High Altitude Baking

Episode One: High Altitude Baking

Here is the first episode of Apres Adventures with Ryan Ross for Vail Resorts  We are super excited to make this monthly web series exploring the more untraditional activities in the mountains (including Keystone, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, & Vail).  Stay tuned for updates and to learn about what diverse adventures you can participate in while visiting the Rockies.  A new episode comes out shortly.  Check out Ned Archibald’s recipes of the pies featured in the video above.

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