3 years at Techstars!

As of today, I’ve been working at Techstars for three years!  It’s been a wonderful opportunity, being surrounded by so many smart, funny, kind people from employees to founders, mentors, a ton of people!  Yes, it can be intimidating.

It all started back in 2008 when I made a short video, StartUP, on Techstars for Current TV.  The next summer David Cohen asked me to come back and make this documentary web series on Techstars, The Founders (there are 3 seasons).  Then three years ago today, I started making videos full-time at Techstars!

Techstars is truly an amazing company, founded for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.  Techstars exists to empower the world’s most promising entrepreneurs throughout their lifelong journey by providing them with a global ecosystem of founders, mentors, investors, and corporate partners wherever they choose to build their business.

Check out the schedule and apply to Techstars!  Watch videos on Techstars companies, founders and more here.

Trailer on Where Are They Now? – a series on Techstars companies and their growth

How Techstars Works

The Founders – Season 2 Trailer
This video brings back some good & exhausting memories.  I love what Brad Feld says “The most important thing for anyone on this planet is to spend time working on things they think give them meaning”.
Here’s a behind the scenes.

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