What I did before I was born…

What I did before I was born

I was not planning on making this video, it was more of an idea that grew after Liam was born.  I started to think about all of the places Liam had traveled to, Mexico, Philly etc. and all of the things he had done before he was even born.

Brian and I took weekly photos to eventually make a stop motion of my belly. It’s kind of embarrassing, my obsession with filming things but it makes me feel better to think of what Brad Feld said, “Be obsessed with the thing you are doing”. So on that note, I definitely encourage you all to at least film a few everyday things here and there. One of my regrets is not getting more footage of my Grandma before she got sick but having what I have of her, I love!

Since the idea to make this video didn’t come until recently, I tried to include everyone as much as possible.  Please don’t be offended if you’re not in the video a lot.  With that said, I hope you’re not in the video if you didn’t want to be.

Thanks to everyone who took photos & video especially Brian, Elissa, Gene, & Ryan for capturing some of those moments!  Also a huge thank you to Henri, Liam’s Uncle-in-law, who is not only a good role model but the voice of Liam in this video.

Let’s be adventurous together because it’s just the beginning!


    • Thank you soooo much! I wasn't sure how weird it was to make this video but just had to. Hope our sons can hang out someday soon:)

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