Behind the Scenes at TechStars

Behind the Scenes at TechStars: Eat, Play, Code…  Take a look at what it’s like to document tech startups… Video & Photos below

The Founders Behind the Scenes

Making a weekly documentary series on TechStars is quite the experience & opportunity.  I’m usually behind the camera so I greatly appreciate all of the founders allowing me into their lives, documenting them regardless if they are in a good mood or bad mood, this includes David & Nicole:) Well, we made a Behind the Scenes of TechStars “The Founders”, thanks to Jen Myronuk!  Jen came in and filmed me filming everyone else, she directed this fun short piece.  It’s really a special video to have & was a lot of fun to do!

Please note I shot the entire series with a Panasonic HPX.  Other equipment I used frequently were two Sennheiser wireless mics, a small shotgun mic, an LED camera light, & I carried my laptop & portable hard drives around so I could edit anywhere (since I live in Denver).

Watch TechStars The Founders Series here & also here

Another huge thanks to The Rackspace Cloud, “The Founders” sponsor who without them this would not have been possible.

Photos from TechStars summer of 2010, Boulder


    • Thank you! I had a two week turnaround so working everyday, the entire series (12 episodes) was made in about the same duration as the TechStars program is, within ~ 3 1/2 months. Hopefully that answers your question:)

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