Do More Faster

I made this quick video on Do More Faster using some shots from the summer of TechStars Boulder 2010 “The Founders” Series. Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup is a book by Brad Feld & David Cohen.  It consists of essays from successful entrepreneurs that participated in TechStars, founders, & mentors, along with David & Brad.  It’s extremely hard to get into TechStars, so the book gives startups insight and advice.  Do More Faster is a phrase that’s used a lot around TechStars.  It’s also painted on David’s door.
Do More Faster

David Cohen & Brad Feld are doing a 12 city book tour starting in Palo Alto on 10/12/10 – more info on the Do More Faster Plancast.  You can follow Do More Faster on Twitter or join the Do More Faster Facebook Page.  You can buy the book here.


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