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It’s time to talk about the incredibly addictive music featured in The Founders series for TechStars (along with other projects I’ve worked on).  I’m so fortunate & appreciative to have access of all this wonderful original music from bands all over the country. I seem to have a story with most of the bands.  I know J in Harper Blynn from Middle School back in P.A.  I randomly bumped into him in Brooklyn a few years ago at a coffee shop & we reconnected.  As far as I know he has always been in a band.  The Sexies is a rock band out of Hollywood.  Jerry lived next to us in Los Feliz.  Good times.  Although the bands are from all over, I’m impressed with how much musical talent we have locally in Colorado, i.e. The Autumn Film, Hello Kavita, Calvin Locklear, Reason2Rhyme, Jeff Brinkman, Paper Bird, Michael C. LengelBlue Canyon Boys etc.  A lot of the bands are selling CDs and are on tour.  Today is a good day to pick a band you love and reach out to them.  Why not…

It’s super important to support each other and this is one of the ways I can help spread the word about these bands.  I’m always interested in learning about new music, so if you’re in a band or have a friend in one feel free to contact me.

Ways to learn more about the music featured

  • Follow the Featured Music list on Twitter
  • Check out the end credits to find out the music featured in that episode
  • I’ve also included links on my website and vimeo accounts
  • Just ask me if you are curious & I’ll send you in the right direction

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