Fall Colors

This week I impulsively took Owen on a quick local hike, one of my favorites.  The colors just started changing which reminds me how much fun fall is and how quickly it passes.  Depending on elevation & seasonal elements, the leaves change colors at different times.  I know this is obvious but important to pay attention to each year.   Colorado.com has some good suggestions on places to go.  One of the earlier videos I made when moving to Colorado (over four years ago) was called The Color Tour, aired on The Network DC, below.  Hope it inspires you to get out and explore the fall colors, and maybe take some photos or video too!

Although it’s now painful for me to watch anything I made before using HD, it’s still gives a great glimpse into this incredibly beautiful fall season in Colorado.  We follow Jackie Sanderson, nature resource specialist, into different areas of Douglas County.  Douglas County is just south of Denver & has tons of surprisingly beautiful spots.  One of my favorite hikes there is Devil’s Head.


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