Recently I posted a trailer I made on building bamboo fly rods.  The full version of the video is still on it’s way but for now here is the fly fishing video, Floaters, I made on our float trip down the Colorado River back in September, thanks to the renowned Shawn Bratt.  We were lucky to be able to fly fish with Shawn again and (left to right) Jenny, Kalli, Clint, me, & Brian.  Shawn is an incredibly smart & passionate flyfisherman, you can read more and even purchase a handmade bamboo rod here on Green Drake Bamboo.  Clint founded Freestone Aquatics which specializes in aquatic habitat restoration, enhancement, and creation.  Floaters, the video below, is simply a beautiful bright day out fly fishing the Colorado River by Gore Canyon.

Curious to see more?  Here is a video I made a few years ago for The Network DC with Shawn Bratt fishing Cheesman Canyon.


Music Featured
Ben Suchy | Hello Kavita | Harper Blynn

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