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A few months ago Emily Olson asked me to come to San Francisco and make a few videos on their deliciously delightful company Foodzie, a website connecting you with small producers who create real, good tasting food. It all started several years ago when I met the Foodzie team filming a short piece, StartUP, on TechStars for Current TV.

Fast forward to October 2011 when I found myself in San Francisco spending a weekend doing a lot of shooting… and eating!  The good news is I actually did not gain any weight.

Here are two of the videos I created for Foodzie, the first one is The Story of Foodzie. The second video follows the food adventures Emily takes on with Aida Mollenkamp from FoodCrafters.  They explore the Ferry Building Plaza while Aida picks out her favorite entertaining treats for the tasting box.

Please take note of the music in both videos. Their CDs make great holiday gifts;)
Story of Foodzie: Harper Blynn, Ben Suchy & Hello Kavita
The Weekend Market: Griz, Calvin Locklear, Harper Blynn, The Autumn Film, and Rosie & Me

The Story of Foodzie

The Weekend Market


  1. Thanks so much for posting these excellent videos. I simply love Foodzie. These videos have given me a much better understanding of Emily and Rob and of Foodzie. Simply wonderful!!! Thanks again…makes me want to go there and experience the markets etc!

    • Thanks Marie! Foodzie rocks and visiting Emily & Robwas amazing. It really gave me a sneak peek into the Foodzie world making me more aware of the great food out there. I think you can go visit soon with their tasting room!

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