Hello Musicians!

I’d like to give a huge thank you to all of the musicians and bands I’ve been honored to feature in my work over the last several years.  Please check them out, go to their shows & even just send them an e-mail if you love their music.  If you’re curious about a particular song in any of my videos, please feel free and ask me.  I’ll send you in the right direction.   I’m looking for new music to feature!  Do you know any bands looking for more exposure or perhaps you write music?  Please contact me and I would love to check out your music.

Currently I’m working on three new web series I’m very excited to talk about!  The new web series include Making Luck for Uninterrupted TV where we follow the stories of young teens going through major obstacles and introduce them to any mentor or experience in the world.  It’s a challenge and we are trying to prove to the teens (and ourselves) that anything is possible and that it’s your choice how you play the cards you were dealt.  I love working with Joy Parrish and look forward to sharing the episodes with everyone.  I’m also working with the beautifully talented Christy Lee on a music web series called The Window Seat where Christy interviews bands and we film tons of other unique random music related segments, surprise details to come.  Lastly, I’m happy to work with Ryan Ross again on an untraditional adventure travel show for Vail Resorts Snow.com on the series Après Adventures.  Definitely check them out!  I love to hear from everyone.

Every month I will be doing a featured playlist of the music in some of my various projects. Stay tuned!

February’s Featured Playlist


  1. I am fortunate enough to have the author of this post sitting next to me.
    As Herbert Fromport once said, "Great shots, great cutaways, and simply astounding tunes!"
    In memory or Sir Fromport, let's all raise our glasses of apple juice and champagne to the creators of these sweet melodies.

    • You are a dear and I love sitting next to you while you sip your tea and comment on blogs while searching things on the internet like wild grapes in Madagascar. Let's raise our glasses and candles to Sir Fromport and sing that song.

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