I’m a VC

A Foundry Group Digital Short: I’m a VC

A few months ago Jason Mendelson from Foundry Group asked if I would be interested in shooting a music video for him.  Obviously I jumped at the opportunity to film four VC’s dancing in fountains, showers, & alleys in Boulder.  Jason produced, wrote, & directed the music video above, “I’m a VC”.  He had this vision to make a hilariously awesome music video inspired by Andy Samberg & Justin Timberlake’s Digital Shorts on SNL. Who doesn’t love Dick in a Box?!  I have to admit that I was impressed with Seth’s goatee, which you will see he shaved off in the credits, and the dancing skills of all the guys from Foundry Group.  I shot the video with my good friend, super talented Gene Park (a.k.a GP the DP), and edited the video.  You can read Jason’s lyrics to “I’m a VC”  here.  Jason and his partner at Foundry Group, Brad Feld, wrote the book Venture Deals.

I just went through a lot of the production photos my husband, Brian Sweeney, took last night and it not only brought back some pretty kickass memories from the shoot but also reminded me of being pregnant.  Just so you know, a week later I had the baby… Liam Sweeney, who now dances to the song I’m a VC.

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