Je manque la France

It’s common for pregnant women to crave something like pickles, ice cream, oranges, or perhaps a combination of all three… Is it possible to crave something that’s not food?  I’d like the think the answer is yes because I have had the urge to go back to France.  I can not stop imagining myself wandering around Paris in the old neighborhood I lived in, heading to the boulangerie with Brian, and having a picnic at the park with the lake.  About ten years ago when I lived close to Bois de Boulogne and would go running in it, the park appeared to be a shady place with strange people standing in bushes.  I swear that’s what I saw!  Many years later I discovered a mini oasis as Brian and I walked from the busy cobble stone streets into a forest with a lake and island.  If only I had known.  Here’s a short video we made using a pocket cam from our Paris trip in 2009.  Below is a video of b-roll I shot in Cannes, France last year.

Cannes, France

Sometimes it’s just about being somewhere else.

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