Let’s begin the adventuring.

In effort to take more photos, make more random videos and just explore, I’m letting my son lead the way.  We went to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, met some mountain goats, a moose and took a trip to Mars.  Conversations included, Polar Bear “Actually I’m not pooping.”  Walrus #1 “Hello.” Walrus #2 “Hi.” plus more.

In all of the chaos of life I definitely recommend taking a break and letting your little explorer take you on an adventure.  Your turn!


  1. So much fun!!! Thanks! I took Jeffrey and Forrest to so many museums I can't remember them all. Such wonderful education. Makes me long for the better days of the past.

  2. Love all of your videos but the three you posted by other artists were fantastic and so well done…..Thanks for sharing. Karen or Mom

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