Model A

A day trip in the Model A… just for the fun of it.  Photos & Video below:

The first time I met Brian’s parents was Labor Day weekend in 2004.  We flew from L.A. to Colorado and that was the weekend of the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association, which we attended.  I like to call it the national license plate convention.  This was just an introduction for me.  Since then I have been lucky to learn more about license plates, chauffer badges, woodwork, and lots of other interesting subjects that I’m normally not exposed to, such as old cars.

My father-in-law, Mike, had a Model A growing up.  His Grandfather bought the Model A in 1959 for $150.  Recently Mike rebuilt the engine and we took it on a short trip into the mountains.  We had a lovely picnic thanks to C. Sweens, a.k.a Cindy Sweeney.  Thank you for letting us film you guys the entire trip!

Mike is part of The Rocky Mountain Model A Club in Franktown & The Model A Ford Club of Colorado, Inc. in Denver.  He’s a great resource so check out his website (under construction).


More Photos


  1. Looks like a lovely trip and it's cool through him you are appreciating something new and different. Love the photos. 🙂

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