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I’m happy to announce a few new bands to the talented circle of original music featured in The Founders series.  Since the TechStars series started in May, these are the newest bands added to this network:

Hello Kavita
| Since the beginning of Hello Kavita in 2007, singer/guitarist Corey Teruya has always had a clear vision of where this band was going. With 70’s music on the brain and plaid shirts in style, Corey needed to assemble the best local musicians Denver had to offer. Starting with Luke Mossman on guitar and Ian Short on keyboards, Hello Kavita managed to start a buzz, do some live shows and record 2008’s “And Then We Turned Sideways”. A few months before the release of “Sideways”, bassist Jimmy Stofer and Leor Manelis on drums joined the group completing the final lineup of Hello Kavita.

The Film Dailes | The Film Dailies make indie pop electronica music, as well as documentary movies. They’re based in Denver, Colorado.

Jeff Brinkman | Under Reason 2 Rhyme Publishing, Jeff Brinkman’s percussive style of guitar evolved from the few chords Jeff learned from his father at the age of 7– the rest sort of happened as a result of his trial-and-error approach over the last decade.
With styles ranging all across the board, Jeff’s performances promise to become exciting and unique additions to the Colorado music scene for years
to come.

100 Mile House | I met the Guitar player & singer, Mark, through Nicole Glaros, General Manager of TechStars.  They are married!  She is lucky to have a full-time musician in the house.  Other band members include Steve Fox – Drums // Paul Zahradka – Bass & Vocals // Mark Florence – Guitars & Vocals // Max Mackey – Guitars, mandolins & Vocals.

What About Pluto | What About Pluto is a band based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.  The music is a simple, yet interesting take on the modern rock genre that is reminiscent of Anberlin, Switchfoot, and Foo Fighters. This band has been making a name for themselves as one of the most passionate, energetic, and just plain fun groups around.

In the Whale | Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.  In the Whale includes two of the same band members from What About Pluto.

My goal in the next year is to learn how to play the guitar.  I took classes in high school but it’s hard!  I greatly admire what these musicians are creating.  Instead of pursuing a rock career, I’ll remain a dedicated bandaid.  Please let me know of any bands, local shows, etc.  I’m always interested in learning more.

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