No Hard Hat Required

I am so incredibly excited to announce Phase 2 of JobSiteVisitor, a hosting website that manages, organizes, and shares construction progress photos.  Check out example projects. is a great tool for anyone taking construction progress photos.  Currently clients are made up of Owners, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Investors, and Subcontractors.  JobSiteVisitor has been described as a service revolutionizing and setting a new standard for the construction industry.

This is an example site plan from a job site in Steamboat, Colorado.  You can easily drag your camera points on your site plan where you want to take photos each week.  You can click on each view point and see a time lapse slide show of the construction progress.

As most of you know, life living in a startup is not easy.  The Grandpa in one of my favorite movies, Little Miss Sunshine said “Losers are people who are so afraid of not winning, they don’t even try.”  So here we are, trying really hard.  As any self-funded company, you try and be resourceful and creative.  Brian learned a little about developing and built the first version of his website.  As time permitted and fate had it, we met Mike Scholl, a developer.  Mike rebuilt the site into something magnificent.  After some greatly appreciated consultation from the many tech mentors in Boulder, Brian decided to redesign the site, which is what we are calling Phase 2.  Anthony Dimitre, one of my favorite designers, designed the current site.  Big thanks to Mike & Anthony!

It has been one of the most challenging & exciting experiences.  From my perspective, the best advice I can give to others with a dream is to stay focused and if you truly love what you are doing, everything will work out.  I’m so proud of the JobSiteVisitor team.  They brought an idea to life.

Please help spread the word.  If you know anyone in the construction industry, let them know about this valuable service.  Features will continue to grow & get even better, so keep your eyes on JobSiteVisitor.  It’s worth the few minutes to check it out.

Oh and if you don’t know, this is Brian… founder of JobSiteVisitor, also my best friend.  If you see him around say hi!

Learn more about JobSiteVisitor.

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