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One Day on Earth BadgeIt’s always great to reconnect with old friends and learn about exciting projects they’re working on, for example my friend from college, Kyle Ruddick.  He directed a short 16mm film at USC in ’04 that I worked on and what I remember most about Kyle is his extremely ambitious motivated personality.  This brings us to one of his current projects, One Day on Earth, which is the opportunity for filmmakers, well really anyone in the world to document and tell the stories they find unique.  The shooting takes place within a 24-hour period on October 10th, 2010.  It’s coming up and not too late to join!

One Day On Earth started as an idea Kyle had while watching a concert by musicians from around the world who had never played together but worked out their collaboration on stage in front of an audience.  Kyle built the concept of collectively shooting a film all over the world in a 24-hour period.  It would be the world’s time capsule, and it would be made by everyone.  He got some talented people on board and now they have more than 500 participants in about 130 countries, and growing.  You can see how powerful the project will be by getting a glimpse in the trailer.

Who’s behind this massive project?  The Creative Visions foundation with in-kind donations from Eyestorm Productions. There are about ten core advisors for education, technology, publicity, legal, creative, branding and post-production.  They have an extraordinary group of people who have donated thier time  with degrees in their professional fields from MIT, Cal Tech, Cambridge, UCLA, & USC Cinema and Business.

So far Kyle and his team have directly reached out to filmmakers all over the globe but recently news has spread through word of mouth.  Popular themes that the international pool of filmmakers are choosing to document range from nature, humanity, & culture.  10.10.10 is simply a memorable date with no significance other than hopefully you will be taking some time to film the world around you.

I think one of the great parts of life is how diverse we all are… and that we are all alike.


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