This brings us to Lower Merion, PA.  Home to the R5, Kobe, & the Cotlers.  I have not lived in Pennsylvania since I graduated high school ten years ago in 2000. It’s always nice to go home. I think revisiting places like this is a not so subtle reminder of where you are from & it can give you a refreshing perspective.

A few weeks ago, I finally made the big leap and got an HD camera (Panasonic HPX). Impulsively I found myself back home a few days later, thanks to my Mom.  I went to my brother’s baseball game and created this quick video of Paul, my first video in HD.  Nothing serious, just for fun.  Paul plays baseball for Friend’s Central.

Looking at the footage hit me hard.  Time has gone by fast.  It wasn’t that long ago I was 12 years old, rocking Paul to sleep listening to Enya. Now he’s 17, my other brother Douglas is 15, and my sister Alexa is 11.  That means I’m kind of getting old.  Wasn’t it just a few years ago I was hanging out at Wawa or taking the train to South Street?  No because that was in the late 90’s.  A lot has changed since then but the one thing that has stayed constant is that I am still video taping everything.  Fortunately the subject has changed.  Too much inappropriate footage of bored high school kids living in the suburbs of Philly has been destroyed or lost.

I like making these super short profile videos, not that the video below is a profile piece.  So to my family, be careful because you might be next. Also to my family (the only subscribers to my blog) don’t forget to click on the link to see the videos, they don’t appear in your e-mail.

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