Reaching for the Stars

Most of you know I am a big fan of Owen, our hilarious insanely cute dog.  Owen got a plastic kid pool this summer.  For only $10 we got something for our furry golden retriever to cool off in during the hot months, get a little exercise, & he even drinks more water.  There’s also nothing better than drinking water you’re standing in.  He likes to play a game where I splash water at him and he tries to catch it.  Surprisingly, he’s really good at catching giant drops of water while jumping a few feet off the ground.  He’s pretty talented.

Owen also understands the importance of happiness & simplicity, something I can learn from.  Owen is entertained & so am I.


  1. The photos make me feel as though I am there watching! Nothing better than watching a dog play! We had one "Sassafras"…"Sassy" for short that learned to make large snowballs…sure wish I had taken a photo of that! Thanks for sharing your experience and beautiful photography.

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