Risk Takers

We are already posting episode 5 of The Founders, “Risk Takers”.  The episode is themed around experimenting and taking risk.  A lot of great ideas & inventions derive from simply trying something new & taking some chances.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Paul Buchheit from Facebook & Dave Drach from Microsoft came to speak to the TechStars companies.  Paul explained how Facebook has their employees participate in Hackathons.  Dave Drach spoke about being bold and taking risk.  Everyone seems to love his quote, “Startups play poker, big companies play chess”.  Not only are the founders continually meeting new mentors every week but they are working on their product and their pitch.  I hope this episode motivates people to take some risk and try new things.  I also think it’s important to take away limitations.  Society can put such standards and expectations on us.  Perhaps if we take away that invisible wall, we all could accomplish a lot more.  An example of this is at the end of the episode when Toby’s kids want to start a business.  They can do anything they want to do ..and they are.

You can watch all The Founders episodes here or on TechStars.  The three companies we’re following are Omniar, RentMonitor, & Grogger.

Featured Music in this episode includes:

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