Soooo Beautiful

At the end of September Brian and I took a quick trip into the mountains to try and catch some of the leaves changing.  I used to take this for granted, perhaps it was while living in Los Angeles where there aren’t any seasons.  Fall in the Rocky Mountains is incredible!  We got lucky and it was perfect as we camped on Twin Lakes and drove into Aspen.  I debated about bringing my video camera.  Sometimes I should live in the moment but for me I just can’t go somewhere beautiful without documenting it.  …and when it’s all over I’m so happy that I have the footage.  One of my favorite places is Independence Pass and during the fall it is sooooooooooooo beautiful!

I think this will be a good weekend in Denver to see some colors.  Hope to see some of your photos or video!

Fall Color

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  1. Great video. I used to drive around upstate NY with my family every fall to see the leaves turn. I was bummin when I first moved to CO thinking I'd be missing that, but a few trips up to the mountains and this video — I'm not missing the mid-west.

    • Thank you! I think it's great that people take trips just to see the fall colors. They change so quickly. The colors here are so beautiful – I love the Aspen trees the most!

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