TechStars on Bloomberg TV

This is super exciting to see, TechStars on Bloomberg TV.  Last night was the premiere and we were able to go to the Boulder Theatre to watch the show.  Below is episode one which I got to shoot a little for, the interview with Brad Feld & Immersive Labs (Wiji) in Boulder.  I’ve loved being able to shoot for TechStars in the past, look forward to watching their new TV show, and in a nutshell David Cohen & Brad Feld rock!  I’m very thankful for their support & having had trusted me to make the web series in 2009 & 2010.  They have created something magical with TechStars, starting in Boulder and inspiring entrepreneurial communities all over.  Sounds cheesy but it’s true.  I’d like to add something I heard last night that Brad Feld said, “Be obsessed with the thing you are doing”.  I like that.  It makes me feel better about filming evveerrryyything.

You can watch TechStars every Tuesday 9pm EST on Bloomberg TV.


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