The Founders Nominated!

Guess what!?  I have great news!  TechStars The Founders web series has been nominated for three regional Emmys under “Program Promotion”, “Business/Consumer”,  & “Director” categories (videos in order below).  The award ceremony is July 23, 2011.  Hopefully we have even more good news, regardless it’s awesome to be nominated among so much talent.

For the last two summers I spent a lot of time in Boulder documenting startups. I made two seasons, 26 total episodes, of a web series called The Founders, documenting the adventures of young tech startup companies going through TechStars.  It all started when I made a short video on TechStars, StartUP, for Current TV back in 2009, the rest is history.

You can watch The Founders 2009 and The Founders 2010.  Below are the three videos that were nominated.

The Founders 2010 Trailer no.1

The Founders: People Product Market

The Founders: Demo Day


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