The Founders Trailer #1

Coming this fall to an internet near you is a new season of The Founders.  We follow the stories of 3 out of the 12 impressively magical startups in TechStars Boulder.  We follow three of the companies simply because there is only so much time in the day.  The three startups include Birdbox, Ubooly & Roximity.  Here are all of the TechStars 2012 Boulder companies.

So I’m off editing the adventures from the summer class with as of now about 700 GB/1,900 minutes/31 hours.

Please enjoy trailer #1 below &  share it with your friends.  I hope it inspires you to pursue your own ideas and passion.  You can purchase the music in this trailer here: Harper Blynn & Calvin Locklear


  1. Loved the trailer…..Clearly explains and shows the motivation these individuals have…..trailer is very nicely done as well….loved the walking across the street ending….was that in London or Boulder?! Seriously…great job.

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