The Ship and the Sea

(just a little something) The Ship and the Sea

A few months ago Brian & I helped Tifah Phillips & Reid Phillips, from The Autumn Film, make a fun short stop motion on their album, The Ship and the Sea.  I’m a little late getting this out but it’s just a tiny sneak peak into making the “What you get in your CD” video.  If you buy the album you will not only receive lovely music but artwork by Grant Blakeman.  .. as the video (above) shows.  I’m hanging ours in our house!  We just spent a few hours with Tifah & Reid, had a great time and learned a bit more about stop motion.

I picked up The Autumn Film t-shirt and I’m not joking when I say I’ve received so many compliments while wearing the t-shirt.  I’m also lucky enough to be able to feature their music, as you might have heard in The Founders series.  Actually The Founders is book-ended with The Autumn Film, the first and last episode end with their song, “Mended”.  ..and I’m just one of their fans.

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