Un montage français

Brian & I got married in September 2007, saved our money and finally left for an adventurous honeymoon in France during the summer of 2009.  We carried around a small pocket camera to capture random moments and beautiful scenery.  It was just for fun and almost a year later we created short montages of each city we visited.  First we stayed in Paris which was nice to revisit since I studied there for a semester in college.  We explored the city, went on a canoe ride, ate lots of banana nutella crepes, walked a lot, plus a lot more.

We then took a train to a small town outside of St. Tropez where I was forced to practice my French in order to find out which bus to take to reach our next stop.  We got there.  We hiked to the beach everyday in St. Tropez and spent time on one of those notorious topless beaches.  It seemed more like a trend with the elderly people.  After a few days in St. Tropez, we took a local train to Cannes.  Cannes was a lot of fun, lots of places to explore, and nice sandy beaches.  I always try and find the highest point in a new city & visit it to get an “aerial” view.

Je vraiment ai plaisir à voyager en France et promets de pratiquer parler français plus souvent.  Fin.


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