Rules of Love

Why take advice from a dog?  Well, dogs love unconditionally.

Some think of Valentine’s Day as a cheesy holiday and depending on who you talk to, it can be.  To Owen, it is a great opportunity to show love to his friends & family.  He wanted to make this video on some tips of love, so we hired a translator.

1. Don’t limit your love
2. Let yourself be loved
3. Never give up

Valentine’s Day does not require flowers, a night out, or anything cliche.  It’s a day to express yourself and love.  Like Owen says “Love keeps the world spinning”.  The dogs & cats in his video are his friends and family.  There are more but Owen only got his paws on the photos included, otherwise the video would have been another hour.  Owen has a huge crush on Bailey, as you will see at the end of the video.  The thing he does not realize is, they are cousins.  Good thing he takes his 1st rule of love very seriously.

Thank you to all the dogs (and cats) that contributed their photos.  Check out Owen’s Channel


  1. <3 this video ~ Owen is a wise young soul! Emy was so happy to see Owen's puppy love gram to all his dawgs, including her (and a couple of cats). Super cute video + love the wide shot of O + B walking w/ the Colorado landscape in the background. Beautiful

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